Tomato soup

soupe tomate

It’s not just because of the weather. These toxic presidential elections are to blame, too. I am anxious, angry, frustrated, desperate, and it is not constructive. So I keep doing what I do best (except sleeping and breathing): cooking. Rhubarb crumbles, the ultimate spring comfort food. Soups, because it’s always my favorite at the end of the day (literally). This soup is […]

Cold soup with avocado and fresh corn

In the spring, we  started a vegetable garden. We watched our first shoots sprout and be eaten by slugs. During the night, I would run to our precious spot of land, and despair before the somber spectacle of these gluttonous gastropods munching away my babies. We picked the intruders one by one, releasing them in a nearby bush. In vain. Farewell carrots, farewell courgettes and spaghetti […]