The simplest oat porridge

Hello ! Since the last post, I got old. I had a bike accident, when a distracted car driver hit me. One second after thinking « I’m going to die », I was found sitting on my buttocks on the pavement. Miraculously intact. Since then, I feel fragile, vulnerable, reasonable, whereas before, I was invincible, carefree, indestructible. I now […]

Golden milk

Happy New Year everyone ! Who hasn’t heard of golden milk? Sometimes called turmeric latte, it is known as Kurkuma latte where I live. This « detox » turmeric drink, with its Ayurvedic roots, is like a liquid version of the avocado toast: The hipster sensation that took over the world and Instagram. Minus the ecological disaster.

Preserved lemons

Hello everyone ! So far, we have made kimchi, fermented beets and oat yoghurt. Let us now preserve some lemons. Lacto-fermented or preserved lemons are the same thing. Like all fermentations using lactic bacteria, the process takes some time. Be patient but, I promise, it’s very easy. I have hardly altered the recipes I found on the internet, only to simplify […]