Zero Waste recipe: Whole orange muffins (with lentils!)

My boyfriend’s mum, Margaret, makes an absolutely delicious orange cake with almonds. Her secret is to use a whole orange, cooked with the skin on and pureed before adding to the batter. It is a recipe that does not generate any waste, since it makes use of the whole orange. Margie’s cake is a real treat, but, as always, […]

Hazelnut carrot-cake (the Swiss way)

This blog does not fall short of sweet carrot recipes: A raw carrot cake, muffins and even breakfasts, such as a bunny-friendly porridge, granola bars and a smoothie. I naively believed that I had tried all the possible combinations of flavours: orange, coconut, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom… But the Swiss took me by surprise with a Rüblikuche. I can’t possibly pronounce it correctly, but at least […]

Zero Waste recipe: Banana peel muffins

« Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed ». The fundamental law of mass conservation by Antoine de Lavoisier can not be more topical in our time. What if today we were thinking about what happens to the waste generated in our kitchen? Let’s talk about the plant debris that is filling up our garbage bins. Let’s think […]