Cold soup with avocado and fresh corn

In the spring, we  started a vegetable garden. We watched our first shoots sprout and be eaten by slugs. During the night, I would run to our precious spot of land, and despair before the somber spectacle of these gluttonous gastropods munching away my babies. We picked the intruders one by one, releasing them in a nearby bush. In vain. Farewell carrots, farewell courgettes and spaghetti […]

Vegan Parmesan

These crunchy zucchini spaghetti are just an alibi. The real thing, here, is the vegan Parmesan. Make it right now and gorge on it. Sprinkle it on a salad, on a soup, on mashed vegetables. And sprinkle generously. This dairy-free parmesan will complement a dish of legumes, because sesame proteins are, like those of grains, deficient in an essential […]