Tomato soup

soupe tomate

It’s not just because of the weather. These toxic presidential elections are to blame, too. I am anxious, angry, frustrated, desperate, and it is not constructive. So I keep doing what I do best (except sleeping and breathing): cooking. Rhubarb crumbles, the ultimate spring comfort food. Soups, because it’s always my favorite at the end of the day (literally). This soup is […]

Preserved lemons

Hello everyone ! So far, we have made kimchi, fermented beets and oat yoghurt. Let us now preserve some lemons. Lacto-fermented or preserved lemons are the same thing. Like all fermentations using lactic bacteria, the process takes some time. Be patient but, I promise, it’s very easy. I have hardly altered the recipes I found on the internet, only to simplify […]

Aloo gobi

I had planned to make an aloo mattar for lunch. An Indian recipe with peas and potatoes. When I opened the fridge, a cauliflower jumped at me as eagerly as Kim Kardashian rushing on Cannes’ red carpet to promote her latest eponymous self-advertising clip on YouTube. Aloo gobi happened. My Indian répertoire is limited to this dahl, today’s recipe and […]

Lacto-fermented beets

Besides that kimchi recipe, I’m having quite some success with fermentation lately, and these lactofermented beets are epic!I explained here how lactofermentation works and what are its benefits on the gut flora. Since I moved to Zürich, I have once again a very vigorous sourdough bubbling on the counter. In Paris, my friend Louise had given me a kombucha SCOBY. It had been a […]