Zero Waste recipe: Whole orange muffins (with lentils!)

My boyfriend’s mum, Margaret, makes an absolutely delicious orange cake with almonds. Her secret is to use a whole orange, cooked with the skin on and pureed before adding to the batter. It is a recipe that does not generate any waste, since it makes use of the whole orange. Margie’s cake is a real treat, but, as always, […]

Hazelnut carrot-cake (the Swiss way)

This blog does not fall short of sweet carrot recipes: A raw carrot cake, muffins and even breakfasts, such as a bunny-friendly porridge, granola bars and a smoothie. I naively believed that I had tried all the possible combinations of flavours: orange, coconut, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom… But the Swiss took me by surprise with a Rüblikuche. I can’t possibly pronounce it correctly, but at least […]

Super light summer custards

Like about 317.94% of the French population, I became crazy about agar-agar when French blogger Clea introduced this magic ingredient through her blog and a dedicated, ground-breaking book. Back then, I began to to agar-agar-ize anything: Tomatoes, cucumber, apple juice, my little brother, peas, math lessons… I became the queen of the wobbly tofu flan with the chestnuts, and zucchini jelly.