Simple, sugar-free cookies

Hello everyone! Today’s recipe is very simple, yet effective. These sugar-free cookies are packed with goodness, and contain only 2 ingredients: banana and rolled oats (or any rolled grain you fancy). Starting with this simple base, you can add any ingredient you like. They take 5 minutes to make and 20 minutes to bake. Easy, right?

The simplest oat porridge

Hello ! Since the last post, I got old. I had a bike accident, when a distracted car driver hit me. One second after thinking “I’m going to die”, I was found sitting on my buttocks on the pavement. Miraculously intact. Since then, I feel fragile, vulnerable, reasonable, whereas before, I was invincible, carefree, indestructible. I now […]

Breakfast carrot salad

Well, it happened. Salad for breakfast. It is a very simple recipe that you can customize in many ways. Use beetroot or fennel instead of carrots. Replace the peanut butter with almond or hazelnut butter. Use orange juice instead of lemon. Add a handful of berries or a few banana slices. A drizzle of flax, rapeseed or hemp […]

Raw carrot oatmeal

I did it. I ate grated carrots for breakfast. Worse: I liked it and I started again. I can’t hide it anymore! I devised a lot of ways to slyly hide carrots in my breakfast, to the great astonishment of my boyfriend (though he quickly converted). What if it helps me keep that lovely summer tan? Carrots, which French mothers say make […]