3 ingredients brownies

fondant chocolat courge

Hello Fall! I welcome your bright colours, the scent of fallen leaves decaying in the woods, the soft jumpers and thick scarves. Because nothing screams « winter » like an actual jacket, and I’d rather squeeze the summer out of those last sunny days. Oh, and did I mention pumpkins and squashes?

Coconut-eggplant dahl

dahl coco aubergine

First of all, thank you all for your kind words and recovery wishes. I’m really touched. As my silence here and on social media may tell, I haven’t recovered yet. My shingles is less aggressive now, but still very active. I have been way too nomadic in recent weeks, and noticed that when travelling, my […]

Tomato soup

soupe tomate

It’s not just because of the weather. These toxic presidential elections are to blame, too. I am anxious, angry, frustrated, desperate, and it is not constructive. So I keep doing what I do best (except sleeping and breathing): cooking. Rhubarb crumbles, the ultimate spring comfort food. Soups, because it’s always my favorite at the end of the day (literally). This soup is […]