Coriander dahl

Another quick, cheap, nutritious and effective dish. I cook a lot of dahls, most often with red lentils. These pulses cook quickly, don’t require soaking. When cooked, they become creamy and comforting. Yet, in recent months, I have made a point of using local lentil varieties more often (red ones often come from Turkey or […]

Banana bread

Hello everyone ! Zurich is cold, rainy and windy, with the occasional snow storm. I spend my free time warming up with ovens and cake tins. As my workload intensifies, I enjoy more manual and meditative activities such as cooking. No one dares to distract me while I’m in the kitchen! Cooking is like therapy. […]

Tempeh bolognese

That’s what I make when Justin and I crave a hot meal with little time ahead of us. This recipe is easier than it looks. You can use everything you have on hand: Tofu instead of tempeh, or even a can of chickpeas; Any vegetables; Soup instead of tomato sauce; Red wine instead of white, […]

Chestnut flour bread

Pain chataigne

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! Here is the recipe for my new favorite bread (you may notice that I have commitment issues with bread…). In Zürich, finding healthy and tasty bread can be daunting, when it’s not outright unaffordable. Special breads, such as buckwheat, quinoa or chestnut breads, simply don’t exist. Or I have […]

3 ingredients brownies

fondant chocolat courge

Hello Fall! I welcome your bright colours, the scent of fallen leaves decaying in the woods, the soft jumpers and thick scarves. Because nothing screams « winter » like an actual jacket, and I’d rather squeeze the summer out of those last sunny days. Oh, and did I mention pumpkins and squashes?

Coconut-eggplant dahl

dahl coco aubergine

First of all, thank you all for your kind words and recovery wishes. I’m really touched. As my silence here and on social media may tell, I haven’t recovered yet. My shingles is less aggressive now, but still very active. I have been way too nomadic in recent weeks, and noticed that when travelling, my […]