Tomato soup

soupe tomate

It’s not just because of the weather. These toxic presidential elections are to blame, too. I am anxious, angry, frustrated, desperate, and it is not constructive. So I keep doing what I do best (except sleeping and breathing): cooking. Rhubarb crumbles, the ultimate spring comfort food. Soups, because it’s always my favorite at the end of the day (literally). This soup is […]

Simple, sugar-free cookies

Hello everyone! Today’s recipe is very simple, yet effective. These sugar-free cookies are packed with goodness, and contain only 2 ingredients: banana and rolled oats (or any rolled grain you fancy). Starting with this simple base, you can add any ingredient you like. They take 5 minutes to make and 20 minutes to bake. Easy, right?

The simplest oat porridge

Hello ! Since the last post, I got old. I had a bike accident, when a distracted car driver hit me. One second after thinking “I’m going to die”, I was found sitting on my buttocks on the pavement. Miraculously intact. Since then, I feel fragile, vulnerable, reasonable, whereas before, I was invincible, carefree, indestructible. I now […]

My favourite smoothie

… Hello everyone ! I haven’t published a smoothie recipe in a long while. The truth is, for over a year, I have been faithful to one single smoothie. I had created it for a friend’s good-bye party, as he was leaving Zürich. I liked that smoothie so much that I have made it every morning since then. Of course, with […]

Golden milk

Happy New Year everyone ! Who hasn’t heard of golden milk? Sometimes called turmeric latte, it is known as Kurkuma latte where I live. This “detox” turmeric drink, with its Ayurvedic roots, is like a liquid version of the avocado toast: The hipster sensation that took over the world and Instagram. Minus the ecological disaster.